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"It’s well written with lots of suspense and surprises lurking around every corner. Ashes definitely grabbed my attention and left me wanting more. I can’t wait for the release of Spark."  IzzyBear1 (Amazon Top Contributor in Fantasy) (1).png
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In Summerset, Kentucky, the McKenzie brothers were well known for their hard work, good looks, and fun-loving nature. Before they vanished, that is.

Cole would soon have his drivers license, Seth would leave for a football scholarship, and Liam simply wanted to be a firefighter and marry his high school sweetheart after college. At least that was the plan…

Fate or chance has a funny way of throwing a wrench into the best-laid plans. And the McKenzie brothers would soon realize that their family history had secrets. And these secrets had fangs, fur, and a deadly bite. A hidden nature laid dormant until the arrival of a ruthless gang provoked an unbelievable chain reaction that altered the lives of three siblings in ways nobody could have expected. 

What if you learned you were the monster?

*** Ashes is a novella to the Burning Moon series by RK Close. Ashes may be read in any order.
New Adult / Adult / Paranormal Urban Fantasy / PNR / A Burning Moon Novella.


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