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Burning Moon Series

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A small mountain community in Flagstaff, Arizona seems to be the place to lay low or start anew if you’re a shifter, vampire or witch in hiding—until it wasn’t.


Cole, the youngest of the wolf-shifters, wants to get closer to the beautiful red-headed witch, Zoey. But she keeps him at a distance, even though he feels there’s something between them. He’s certain of the chemistry, but can he convince her to trust him?


Zoey keeps everyone at a distance for good reason—its safer for them. Zoey didn’t move to Flagstaff for the great weather or the outdoor sports, she’s on the run from a psychotic ex-boyfriend who took a walk on the dark side and never returned—until now.


She knows Cole wants to help, but this is different. Zoey’s ex is a warlock with little if any,  soul left and he wants her back. His magic may be borrowed, but it’s dominant and Zoey can’t risk Cole or her new friends getting hurt. Does she have what it takes to stand and fight, or is running away the only way to protect Cole and the others?

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