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Some things are worse than death. Just ask Olivia.

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There are a few things worse than death. Just ask Olivia.

If being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer at 18 wasn't bad enough, being turned into a vampire against her will, is.
Have you ever met a vegetarian turned bloodsucking vampire? It isn't pretty, but it is the biggest cosmic joke ever.

Olivia might be the most unlikely and most unwilling vampire on the block. Now she's stuck as a vampire for life. Or is she? Olivia hates what she is and her new vampire clan. She misses her human family and longs to run back to them, but doing so would put them all in danger. She needs a reason to live forever.

What does a girl have to do to get staked, anyway?

*Better Off Dead is a Burning Moon novella about Olivia, the youngest and most rebellious vampire in the Chicago clan. Learn how and why she ends up in the small mountain town of Flagstaff, Arizona with the McKenzie brothers in the Burning Moon Series.

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