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New Year Resolutions can motivate, encouraging, disappointing, be disastrous, positive, or negative. I like to make goals for the new year. But I'm also one of those people who can adjust when plans don't go the way I hoped or I fall short of my grand ideals.

Goals are still a great way to gage how we're doing and if we are growing or stuck in a never-ending loop of repeated mistakes. We only need to give ourselves some grace when we don't meet our own expectations. It doesn't mean we never will. Practice makes perfect, right?

Health and wellness are always on my list and are my biggest failures. Some years I've had outstanding success, but then maybe an injury or illness might throw me out of my hard-won routine, and there I go again.

This year, I'm taking it more seriously than ever before. In the past, I knew it was important to watch what I eat and get regular exercise, but I've never been consistent. Why am I getting my act together this year? Well, I learned that my cholesterol is high, but mostly the bad LDL count is too high. I know what this can lead to, so I plan to change my diet and exercise routine (or lack thereof) in order to correct a problem that, for me, is lifestyle based.

I learned from my doctor recently that my blood sugar numbers just hit pre-diabetes for type 2. That was a real wake up call. I carry a little extra weight but not that much, so imagine my surprise.

I'm shocked but not panicked. Both are correctable with lifestyle changes that I've done before. And for that, I'm thankful. This year I have more reason to make it stick.

I also want to be more consistent with my writing. There are stories in my head that are screaming to get out. I'm not a fast writer, but I would like to put out 2-3 novels or novellas yearly. It's totally doable, if I stick to my plan. That means; butt in the chair, social media distractions off. It's all about the words.

Travel has been on the back burner for the last couple of years. I've gotten out some, but not nearly as often as I'd hoped. There have been more vacations canceled for this reason or that. I love to travel and my lifestyle allows for it when the world is not on lock-down. I will tie some of my travel to my writing, so there's a win-win.

There are smaller goals, but those are big ones that I'm willing to share. Tell me what you'd like to accomplish in 2022. What are your strategies to make sure you succeed? I'd love to hear from you. It motivates me to know I'm not alone.

Happy Reading!

RK Close

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