Seth McKenzie has always embraced his wild reputation among the ladies, but lately there’s only one woman on his radar—a certain rebellious she-vamp, named Olivia.


The rough-around-the-edges woman is invading his thoughts and dreams and messing up his bachelor vibe. He doesn’t know how he feels about the new vampire residents, but Seth believes there’s something special about Olivia. When a powerful underworld thug comes looking for her, Seth may be surprised to learn how far he’ll go to protect her.


Olivia Borden thought becoming a child of the night was the worst thing that could have happened to her. She was wrong. 


When Olivia’s clan arrived to the mountains of Arizona, this city girl hated everything about it—until she met a shifter to die for. The smooth-talking middle brother is the one man in town Olivia should stay away from. Even if his bite wasn’t deadly to her kind, his reputation should be warning enough.


When trouble comes looking for her clan, they decide to escape before it’s too late. But is Olivia prepared to leave the only person to make her feel alive since her first death?


Read the second thrilling novel in the Burning Moon Series tonight!


★★★★★   “Second in the series, Ignite will pull you into the paranormal world of wolves, vampires and witches. It is a sweet, suspenseful, page-turner, which I didn’t want to end. The characters are so cohesive I feel as if I am part of their world, their lives. RK Close’s descriptive writing style transports the reader directly into her stories. I anxiously await the next in this series!”  - Reader Review

IGNITE ~ Burning Moon Series (Book #2)

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