Paranormal Fiction Novel - Young heroine-Old Soul.


Who do you trust when nobody is what they seem?


After five years, a young private investigator is still attempting to put the pieces of her life back together after a tragic accident robbed her of the only family she had—her parents.


With the support of a fatherly mentor and her best friend, Samantha Chase has started her own business, owns her own condo and has a secret crush on the handsome professor down the hall.


Sam's safe illusion comes crashing down after she unknowingly snaps photos of a mysterious man who turns out to be a vengeance-seeking vampire. Who knew?


When said vampire's curiosity prompts him to follow Samantha home, he inadvertently puts her on the radar of his lifelong nemesis—a vampire who has terrorized women for centuries.


Throw in a handsome, yet nerdy, professor who knows too much about the occult to be normal, and the suspense and adventure will have you devouring this book in a single sitting.


Grab your favorite drink and snack and plan to stay up late.


★★★★★  "A good book draws you into the story so that you feel a part of it. This is one of those books." --Reader Review

Red Night: Paranormal Vampire Suspense Novel (Vampire Files Trilogy Book

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