If vampires showing up in his town weren’t bad enough, Liam’s fated-mate turns out to be someone a secret shifter should avoid—an ambitious news reporter chasing a story.


Everyone knows the McKenzie brothers are rugged, fun loving firefighters who serve the quiet mountain town of Flagstaff, but nobody knows that when they embark on one of their backpacking trips, it’s a cover for their wild wolf nature.
Liam and his brothers discover two dead campers and know something unnatural has invaded their territory. But trying to stay out of the spotlight while tracking a killer may bring their own secret into the light—forcing them to move once again.
When a beautiful reporter digs into the deaths, Liam tries in vain to keep his distance, but finds himself mysteriously drawn to the woman haunting his dreams.

Jessica, a tenacious young professional, is looking for her big break and exposing the mysterious deaths for the murders they would be the catalyst to launch her career. She wants to know what Captain McKenzie is hiding behind the permanent scowl reserved only for her. And those captivating blue eyes—it’s as if she’s seen them before, in a recurring dream.

While Jessica’s determined to find the truth, Liam’s duty-bound to protecting the unsuspecting woman from a vampire who is hell-bent to make her acquaintance.


Start the first book in this fast-paced, slow burn paranormal romance series tonight!

“If you are a fan of paranormal romance and in particular, shape-shifting wolves, then this new series is a must read…” 
Reader Review

SPARK ~ Burning Moon Series (Book #1)

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