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This is the beginning.
        This is the why.
                 This is the true story. (1).png

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Even a monster has a story to tell. This one is his.

Adam, Zachariah and Katherine were thick as thieves from childhood and believed nothing could break their bond of friendship. Envy may have invited the darkness, but madness followed in its wake.

A five-hundred-year grudge between brothers comes to a fevered
pitch on the pages of the novel Red Night by RK Close.
What really happened between two fearsome vampires long ago may surprise you. There are always two sides to every tale. And sometime appearances are not what they seem.

Is a monster born? Or is it

Read the haunting tale of Madness, a Vampire Files novella. Preorder today.

Red Night  |  Red Moon  |  Red Dream  |  Madness

Redemption - coming 2024

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