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"I purchased Red Moon IMMEDIATELY after reading its prequel, Red Night. I am completely addicted to this story..."


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Surviving an immortal serial killer was one thing, but meeting and falling for Adam, a mysterious and protective vampire, has her floating on cloud nine—when she’s not falling off it.


When a rash of unusual animal attacks spread fear across the city, Sam suspects there’s a connection to her new case concerning a missing college student.


As clues pile up and threats on Sam’s life continue, she and Adam know they have enemies to contend with. To complicate things Sam and Adam’s new relationship is threatened once more when Adam vanishes into thin air—just when Samantha’s most vulnerable.


As Samantha searches for Adam, serious pressure from her clients, convinces Sam that her life depends on her solving this case. Attempts on her life, veiled threats from her clients, and a scary stalker can’t pull Samantha’s thoughts from finding  Adam—before it’s too late. 

Sam’s strange gifts are growing stronger as her dreams warn her of dangers ahead. But how can she trust her strange gifts when they tell her Adam is the real threat?


Sam’s tenacity will lead her through the dens of wolves and witches, but none of them will keep Samantha and Adam apart. She’s betting her life on it.


Rivetingly romantic and full of surprising twists, this dangerous romance will have you on the edge of your seat and unable to put it down.


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