Dark, thrilling, and full of suspense!


"I was instantly captivated and drawn into Samantha's world. The characters in this book are so well defined, you feel as if you're living inside the book itself - a movie playing inside your head. I couldn't put it down!" 

~ Amazon Reader Review

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Two men battle for her heart, a third wants to stop it from beating.


Phoenix, the fifth-largest city in America, has all the typical big-city problems; traffic jams, crime, snowbirds, and… vampires?

A feisty private investigator falls into love and danger when she unwittingly spies on a mysterious man. Her botched surveillance job triggers a series of events that pull her into a world she doesn't know or understand.

Spying on people and exposing their best-kept secrets is what Samantha Chase does best, but when the tables are turned, Sam finds herself the focus of a supernatural killer. Caught between two rival vampires and a lone hunter, Sam must decide whom to trust--no easy task when nobody is what they seem...including Samantha. 



"A good book draws you into the story so that you feel a part of it. This is one of those books." --Amazon Reader Review


Paranormal Romantic Suspense /  HFN / Clean

Vampire Files Trilogy

Red Night - #1

Red Moon -#2

Red Dream - #3

Red Dawn

Complimentary prequel - (October 2019)

Burning Moon Series

Ashes - Prequel

Spark - #1

Ignite - #2

(preorder now)

Blaze - #3

(November 2019)