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"Wolf shifters, vampires, a witch, and an annoying beautiful reporter, oh my! A most excellent beginning to an intriguing series.." 

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★★★★★   "I loved Spark!" 

"A most excellent beginning to an intriguing series." —Reader Review

"First of a new series that I found very hard to put down." —Reader Review


Jessica Parker is the last woman Liam McKenzie should fall for—a reporter on the hunt for a story.

Liam, a small town fire captain with a wild secret, goes head to head with an ambitious young reporter, after several unusual murders rock their mountain community.

She's looking for the story to launch her career and justice for two young people cut down in their prime.

He's a secret shifter trying to hunt a supernatural killer and hopefully avoid becoming Jessica Parker's next exclusive.

They may have the same goal—find the killer—but trust doesn't come easy when everyone is a suspect . . . and one of them is keeping secrets.

Jessica doesn't understand why Fire Captain Liam McKenzie refuses to be interviewed—what's he hiding?

Liam doesn't understand why he keeps dreaming about Jessica.

When the actual killer decides Jessica is too close to discovering the truth, Liam will have to decide between protecting his family secret or the woman who may be his mate.


  BETTER OFF DEAD  (Coming 2023)