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"Wolf shifters, vampires, a witch, and an annoying beautiful reporter, oh my! A most excellent beginning to an intriguing series.." 

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★★★★★   "I loved Spark!" 

"A most excellent beginning to an intriguing series." —Reader Review

"First of a new series that I found very hard to put down." —Reader Review


Is there anything that worries a werewolf more than vampires moving in? Maybe a lovely reporter on the hunt—for a story.

In the mountain town of Flagstaff, police search for a cause of death for two campers, but are reluctant to label them a homicide. Liam McKenzie wishes he didn’t know the truth. Hiding his wild shifter nature hasn’t been easy, but when a tenacious news reporter searches for answers, Liam knows to stay as far from her as possible—for her sake and his. Too bad his inner wolf has other ideas. It doesn’t take Liam long to realize his true mate might not only be human, but also a reporter.

To make matters worse, Jessica Parker is so good at her job that the real killer is taking notice.

Can Liam protect Jessica without revealing his secret and ending up on the evening news? Or should he and his brothers cut their losses and move on to find another home and begin again?


  • Beautifully raw, freshly romantic and addictive, Spark will captivate you and leave you satisfied. This romance is wild.


★★★★★  “This exciting series debut has strong, compelling characters that easily capture the reader’s attention and the romance between Liam and Jessica is charming but quite turbulent as Liam is trying to protect his secret while protecting Jessica without giving in to their sizzling and magnetic attraction. Meanwhile, Jessica is determined to write the next big story, despite the competition but finds herself discovering way more than she ever wanted to know. Readers can’t help but see both the hero and the heroines points of view and bite their nails in suspense wondering if they will be able to reach a happily ever after.”   —READER REVIEW





Better Off Dead (November 2023)

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