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I'm excited to share that my sixth book is now published and what a job that was. The fun part is writing it. I love the creative aspect of writing but the rest of the author business is just work--hard work. I'd love to sit here and make the job sound much more glamorous than it is but...

The next fun part about this process is starting the next book in the series. As soon as I'm back from vacation, I'll be in my writing cave for a while. If I'm able, I'll release the novella for the Vampire Files before publishing Blaze in January. ;)

I soooooo need this vacation away from wifi, my house and the pressures of deadlines. I'm loading up my iPad so that I can read, read, read--for pleasure that is. I want to be lost in several stories during my ten day break. This way I can come back with my batteries charged and my imagination running wild for the next book or books.


Time to announce the winners of the Giveaway!

Thank you to everyone who entered the


First prize is a Kindle Fire Tablet

Winner is - Vicki H.

Second prize is a $20 Gift Card of choice of Amazon, B&N or Apple

Winner is - Tina R.

Five third prize winners receive two first in series eBook edition of Red Night and Spark by R.K. Close (Can be gifted, if you own/have read)

Winners Are... Suleika V, Tamara K, Charlotte M, Jennifer H & L.L

Congratulation to ALL the winners!

Everyone's a winner!

If you weren't one of the lucky ones this time around, I want you receive a free copy of the Burning Moon novella, Ashes. Learn how it all started for the McKenzie brothers.


Reviews! If you have read or are in the process of reading IGNITE--this is my humble plea for honest reviews. You can post them on any retailer that you buy from. Reviews are one of the most important ways for new readers to find our books. Word of mouth is the second, so always share a good thing. <3


Take a picture of of Ignite on your ereader, phone, tablet or print copy and post it to social media to be entered into a drawing for a $5 Amazon gift card (only where allowed by law and only where Amazon gift cards can be used digitally)

*email me at with the link to your post on FB, Twitter, or Instagram to enter. Bonus point if your post includes this link.


Don't forget that the Love Kissed Series Spotlight & Giveaway goes until the 27th.

*Special shoutout to my Beta team this round: Elvie, Kele and Rachel Nicole. You ladies ROCK.

R.K. Close writes a blend of paranormal romantic suspense and urban fantasy with a healthy dose of romance to keep fans turning the pages.

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