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Being Indie

On Being Indie

This was part of an Author Note that I included in a revised second edition of Spark, my first book in the Burning Moon Series.

As an Indie Author, we are responsible for every aspect of the publishing process such as; developing a story concept, writing a finished product, many rounds of self and professional editing, formatting, marketing, advertising, cover design, ebook, print and audio production and scheduling distribution chains. It’s a full time business and typically consists of one person—the author.

That’s only the tip-of-the -ice-burg, as they say. Much more work goes into the finished product that you now hold in your hand. Authors, especially independent authors, work long hard hours to share stories that we hope will be loved or at least enjoyed by readers.

Many of us dreamed of spinning stories that thousands or maybe millions of people would someday read. It’s a passion, an addiction for some of us, and if we’re really fortunate, writing becomes our livelihoods and the way we take care of ourselves or our families. Many Indie Authors and some traditionally published authors must maintain day jobs and write in the early mornings or late night hours to make ends meet.

In an age where the ebook marketplace has grown exponentially, readers can find a plethora of free or deeply discounted stories to peruse. Author’s offer these deals in an effort to help new readers discover their stories and hopefully, gain a fan of our work.

So, when you receive or purchase one of these books from an author, please remember that whether you love it, hate it or feel indifferent—much love, creative sweat, tears and energy went into the making of that story.

Not every story is written for every reader and that’s okay but remember that Authors have great respect for our readers, and even our critics. If you take the time to read a story, please consider a few more moments to leave a review for that work on any or all retail platforms that you purchase from.

If you receive a book for free, consider going to Goodreads and leaving a review there. Any little bit goes a long way to help an Author, especially an Indie, to follow their dreams.


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