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Stickers & Books

There are many awesome aspects to being an author. One is the opportunity to connect with readers on a platform such as my blog, newsletters, Facebook, Instagram or more individually when someone reaches out through email, or at a book signing event.

I also love to give away prizes to loyal readers who actively connect with me on social media or by taking the time to respond to my emails.

Author's love to give stuff away, at least I do. I use a company called Sticker Mule (my favorite) for many fun products to share with readers, like stickers, buttons, T-shirts, magnets, and even keychains. I also use Sticker Mule for my mailing supplies, such as custom packing tape, bubble mailers, and poly mailers.

Sticker Mule​ is always running a special on popular products. If you've ever won a prize from me, then you most likely received one or more of their products. Or the product itself was wrapped in a Sticker Mule poly mailer or I sealed the box with custom packing tape. Sticker Mule is a favorite for me, and I know many other authors love this company. They're adding new products and services all the time. I plan to checkout their postage service for my daughters' Etsy business.

I use Canva for my designs, but Sticker Mule also has some awesome design options.

Check them out for yourself.

Another company that provides fun items to share with readers is Vista Prints. I use them for custom bookmarks and RK Close Book bags.

These are not affiliate links or otherwise I'd get a discount code to share with you. Both companies run special that work for any budget. Vista Prints

My last giveaway has been long delayed, but I'll announce a winner and another raffle soon. Up for grabs; signed print copies, bookmarks (surprise, surprise), a Kindle Fire w/ a case, and an RK Close Book bag, Amazon gift cards and more! Stay tuned..

* If you are an author and are interested in tips on publishing, marketing and such, let me know via email. I might start an Author to Author blog for those sorts of topics.

** Do you have a company that is totally amazing and want to shout them out to me? Email me thier link.

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