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The Lost Year

My husband has dubbed 2019 The Lost Year. And what a year this has been! Ever since we made the decision to downsize in January, we've been moving at breakneck speed.

From everything that goes into selling one house, shopping for another, buying and remodeling an investment property, the logistics of housing in the interim of purchasing of the next, there has been little to no time for writing, editing or much else.

Was it really a lost year? We made some hefty goals at the beginning. My writing goals certainly fell short of my enthusiastic numbers, but not all was lost.

We sold one home for the price we asked, purchased and remodeled a townhome for my parents. They are a couple minutes from everything and only twelve minutes from me.

Let's not forget that we are settled into our new house and I'm finally back to writing! Currently, I'm working on the release of Ignite and plotting and writing Blaze, book 3.

I believe my original goal was to publish between 4 and 6 books this year and 2-5 audiobooks. I'm still planning to release three of those books (Ignite, Blaze and Red Dawn), so not a complete loss. And I have released two audiobooks (Red Moon and Red Dream).

Sometimes life throws us curve balls. Sometimes life tosses us an easy hits. It's all good and I just keep on growing and learning. I love this journey! So, that's what I've been up to. What challenges have you faced this year; big or small?

Oh, I almost forgot! I'm attending another favorite author conference in Las Vegas in November and was able to attend the Barbary Vey Readers Appreciation Weekend event last April where I hung out with long time friend and hero, Elicia Hyder (author of The Soul Summoner series). I also met T.M. Cromer, author of (The Thorne Witches) and Violet Howe, author of Cedar Creek Mysteries and many more romance novels. I adore and highly recommend these authors. One or all of them are sure to catch your fancy.

*Book one of The Thorne Witches is Free for a limited time on Amazon and possible the other retailers, as well. AND... Book one of The Soul Summoner is FREE with Amazon Prime for a limited time.

Red Dream on Audible - Try Audible free for 30 day and receive Red Dream for free. Unsubscribe at any time.

Happy Reading!

R.K. Close, Author

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